Portrait of Aurore Brard the heart and hands behind Les Matins Lumière jewellery
Aurore, the heart and hands behind Les Matins Lumière

Hi, my name is Aurore Brard, and I am the goldsmith and jewellery designer behind Les Matins Lumière. A world of delicate jewellery, where I explore my fascination for light forms and materiality while developing new production techniques in my atelier at Kade Clubhuis in Eindhoven, Netherlands. Deeply passionate about the making process and in love with the art of offering, this jewellery adventure is a creative playground where I can explore all kinds of skills and bring smiles to faces.

I find inspiration in the beauty of moving light, reflections, and the magic of ephemeral moments. I fell in love with the name Les Matins Lumière to encapsulate this word as poetic as mundane and elegant. In English, it would read “The Light Mornings”. You can find quotes from poems that capture it across my website alongside the pieces. If you’re curious how I chose names for my creations, you can start exploring the quotes on the product pages.

Translating inspiration into forms and matter is an intuitive shaping process that I do using sketching and 3D modelling, but also wax carving and working directly with silver or brass. I jump from one method to another and find a way towards a final shape that will capture my initial inspiration of a movement, a reflection, a shadow, a scent, or even a sound. I mainly work with solid silver and sometimes with freshwater pearls and natural and synthetic gemstones. I can always work with 14 and 18 carats golds for special orders. I also work with silver that I recycle myself for one specific collection, “Mercure”. If you have any questions or special requests, including material allergies, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

  • custom size ring is made in the hands of Aurore from Les Matins Lumière jewellery, in her atelier in Eindhoven
  • Sterling silver earrings. Les Matins Lumière by Aurore Brard. Jewellery inspired by the morning light. Marleen van der Knaap
  • Take a glimpse into the world of Les Matins Lumière with our gallery of photos. Each piece of jewellery is a unique exploration of light and materiality, carefully crafted in Aurore Brard's atelier in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. From delicate silver earrings to statement necklaces adorned with natural gemstones and freshwater pearls, our jewellery captures the beauty of ephemeral moments and the magic of moving light. Browse through the gallery to discover the inspiration behind each piece and the intricate details that make them truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Sterling silver earrings. Les Matins Lumière by Aurore Brard. Jewellery inspired by the morning light.

Because I like to keep it simple, small, and honest, I only have a tiny stock of my collections. In that way, you create the demand, and I will produce pieces accordingly, avoiding overproduction. As a consumer, I try to be more responsible and support locals. That’s why as a brand, I strive to minimise my footprint, minimise waste material, reuse what I can reuse, collaborate more locally, try to use as much ethically sourced materials as possible, including packaging materials. I choose natural paper and cardboards over plastified or plastic packaging, and when possible, with eco labels. Next to what I create, I also like to repair and renovate jewellery, lengthening the life of your piece while preserving the emotional value attached to it.

What do customers say about Les Matins Lumière jewellery?

Emmie – “We could not have hoped for better for these custom gold wedding earrings. Working with Aurore was so smooth, and it was very helpful to get the in-between steps of the process with sketches and scales to have a good picture of the decisions we were making, even while being in a different country.”

For more information, collaborations, and inquiries please contact me via email or Instagram:


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