Designing a Jewellery Tale for Dutch Design Week 2023

Dutch Design Week:

Reflecting on this special exhibition I have to think of the joy of connecting with each one of you who visited. Your presence brought me a lot of positive energy that I wanted to share.

For Les Matins Lumière, every exhibition is an opportunity to weave a unique narrative, not just through jewellery but also through the artistry of the space itself. For Dutch Design Week, I embarked on a creative journey, driven by the desire to bring delicate elegance to an upcycled and reusable set design.

Woman & Design markets and talks at the Steentjeskerk During DDW 2023

Embracing Creativity within Constraints:

My creative process began with a simple principle – crafting beauty without creating waste. I turned to a material that is both versatile and space-efficient and that I already own a little library – paper. When I look again at the result I think “That was very simple after all” but it took a whole process to get there!

From Imagination to Reality:

Picture this – a colourful landscape where each collection finds its place on a gracefully bent paper sculpture. The paper, once flat, now breathed life into the space, offering a unique setting for each jewellery piece. It’s always so satisfying to use the properties of materials to give them shape, here the thickness of the paper and its fibres define its bendability and keep it under tension, ready to go back to its original flat structure.

An Earthy Color palette:

Selecting the colours was a very intuitive process, I had a specific atmosphere in mind that I wanted to share in colours. I picked paper after paper out of my archive and arranged them in a harmonious sequence. Each jewellery collection got to sit on its paper pedestal, creating a symphony of vibrant hues and delicate forms.

Sharing Stories, Inspiring Journeys:

During Dutch Design Week, surrounded by this paper symphony, I had the pleasure of sharing stories, drawing inspiration, and hearing your journeys. Your presence not only supported me but also became a wellspring of inspiration.

In crafting this sustainable set design, I rediscovered that creativity flourishes within constraints. It’s a reminder that elegance can be found in simplicity, and sustainable practices are not just a choice but a commitment to a mindful and beautiful world.

To each of you who visited, shared a story, and became a part of this creative journey, thank you for your support and for inspiring me. As Les Matins Lumière continues to evolve, it does so with the understanding that artistry can be found in the most unassuming corners, and sometimes, all it takes is a sheet of paper to craft an entire world.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Aurore, Les Matins Lumière

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