“Je Pense à Toi”

A hand-made collection of silver flowers for the holidays

This winter season will be more solitary,
but we’ll be thinking of each other.

Send someone a little thought,
A little token of friendship, of gratitude,
of warmth and love.

A precious flower,
for them to wear.

‘Je pense à vous’ / ‘I think of you’
An old tradition of flower-gifting
in the form of a jewel,
rethought by Aurore Brard and Julia Bocanet.

Explore the collection
and pick your flower for your dear ones.

The Flowers

“We explored the language of flowers to find a stylized shape.
Not too feminine, minimal yet alive, recognisable yet unfamiliar.
A hybrid between a forget-me-not, a lilac flower and a fresh sprout popping its head.
The silver stem winds its way around your body to form a jewel.
The field flower is transformed into silver for an everlasting gift.”

The Packaging

No present is complete without a nice wrapping!

For the “Je pense à toi” collection we looked for inspiration at the florist, wrapping their bouquets with thoughtfully chosen paper and a bow-tied string. In the same way, we carefully wrap your silver flower in a strong custom folded card, knotted together with a sturdy dried wheatgrass.

Unfolded the packaging doubles as a letter, to write a few words to your dear one. If you’d like the jewel delivered directly to the receiving end, we can hand-write a note for you! You can submit your personal message at check-out.

For the final shipment, your wrapped flower will be securely boxed in a flat shipping parcel that fits through the mailbox.

Sustainable Production

Locally produced, without overstock.

The pieces in this collection will be made-to-order in the Netherlands and shipped fresh out of the atelier! We’ll make sure to post European orders well in time for Christmas.

We chose a pre-order system for a more responsible creation process. No overproduction, no overstock, no forgotten flowers. Only happy local production!

All pieces are now available for PRE-ORDER until December 7th! Order in time and add a little personal message for your custom card, to tell the future wearer in your own words “Je pense à toi”.

Our Concept’s History

Antique Rings, 1820 – 1840 | A small range of antique pansy rings, reading ‘Pensez à moi’ (Think of me) and ‘Pensez à votre ami’ (Think of your friend).

In the 18th and 19th Century, French was still considered as the language of love. The phrase ‘Pense à moi’ (think of me) was represented by a pansy flower, who’s French counterpart is a homonym meaning both the flower and ‘to think’. This duality lent itself wonderfully to poetic visuals and phonetic puns to express a warm sentiment.
In these strange times, of course, we hope others are thinking of us, but more so we want to let our dear ones know,
we are thinking of them.
We refreshed the old concept for our holiday sentiments.

About The Designers

Friends, colleagues, jewellery makers,

“We are Julia Bocanet and Aurore Brard, young designers who met as students at the Design Academy Eindhoven.

Our brands have independently taken shape into similar aesthetics – minimal lines, storytelling and ephemeral shapes. We approach jewellery as a beautiful wearable, but always try to add poetry and an element of surprise.

This collection marks the birth of our collaboration, translating our thoughts and sentiments into meaningful wearables.”

Julia & Aurore

The Process

Let’s make it a holiday to remember!

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